AILIA’s members and executive committee have always been very clear about their desire to assume responsibility for and direct the actions of Canada’s language industry network, through the close cooperation of various types of stakeholders in the sector, be they decision makers, business owners, heads of professional and business associations, or representatives from the public sector and education.

Image AILIA's Code of ethics (173 Kb)

Executive Committee - 2012-13

Ann Rutledge, Chair Mégalexis communications Inc.
Lola Bendana, Vice-Chair Multi-Languages Corporation
Yvonne McLaughlin, Treasurer Société de traduction McLaughlin Ltd
Maryse Benhoff, Secretary BG Communications International Inc.

Members of the 2012-13 Board of Directors

Ann Rutledge, Chair

Mégalexis communications Inc.

Ann RutledgeMs. Rutledge is the founding president of Megalexis Communications Inc.  and has more than 30 years of proven management experience in the language industry, notably as the first head of linguistic services for leading North American companies such as Microcell Telecommunications and American Express. A national figure in the Canadian communications industry with recognized expertise in translation, publicity, revision and terminology, she is the author of Vocabulaire de l'imagerie médicale, published by the Office québécois de la langue française.

She has worked on numerous occasions for major corporations directing their francization programs and providing advice on such matters as selection of human resources (internal and external), management of linguistic services, quality control, evaluation tools, terminology databases, service effectiveness, and translation costs.

Her extensive client list includes companies in telecommunications, financial services, high tech and postsecondary education.

Ms. Rutledge holds an MA in Linguistics (Translation) from Université de Montréal, a diploma in education, a licence in education, and a bachelor’s degree in music from McGill University. An OTTIAQ certified translator, Ms. Rutledge is also a member of the Language Industry Association (AILIA) and the American Translators Association (ATA), Company Division. She serves as Chair of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of AILIA and is a member of the jury of the Mérites du français dans les technologies de l’information, awards presented annually by the Office québécois de la langue française.

Lola Bendana, Vice-Chair

Multi-Languages Corporation

Lola BendanaLola has a degree in international relations with a specialization in Latin American Studies and English-Spanish interpreting and translation. She worked in Costa Rica as a cultural/foreign affairs facilitator with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as head of international relations with the Nicaraguan Committee for Refugees. After immigrating to Canada, she worked as a freelancer for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada offering pre-departure and intercultural effectiveness courses on Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Lola has been involved in the translation and interpreting field for over 20 years; since 1997, she has been the Director of Multi-Languages Corporation.

In the past, she served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Healthcare Interpretation Network (HIN), she chaired the Terminology Committee and the Policy Committee where she lead the project to create the national standards of Canada for Community Interpreting; she participated in the Critical Link Canada Standards of Practice and Training Committee; she was invited to join the Language Interpretation Training Curriculum Advisory Committee headed by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship - MCI in collaboration with College Connect; she was selected as a voting member of the technical Committee of the Canadian General Standards Board that created the Canadian national translation service standards CAN CGSB 131.10-2008; she was voted as Canada’s representative of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). In 2007 she won the Language Industry Association (AILIA) National Award for Outstanding Contribution to the translation sector.

Presently, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Language Industry Association of Canada - AILIA, is the Vice-Chair of the Association and Chair of the AILIA Translation Committee. Lola is a member of the Canadian Advisory Committee to ISO TC37 where she participates as an expert delegate to create international standards for translation and interpreting. She is a current member of the ASTM F43 Committee on Language Services. Lola has served on the IMIA Executive Board and currently serves as the President of IMIA. 

Yvonne McLaughlin, Treasurer

Société de traduction McLaughlin Ltd

Yvonne McLaughlinYvonne McLaughlin began her career as a translator at the Translation Bureau of New Brunswick in 1971. After working as a translator, a reviser, and finally a section head, she decided to leave the provincial public service in 1982 to become a freelance translator. In 1983, she started her own translation company. Her company served many clients working in a number of fields in the public and private sectors. In 2008, Ms. McLaughlin closed her company, but continued to work as a freelance translator.

Ms. McLaughlin is a certified member of the Corporation of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of New Brunswick (CTINB) and was its president, serving also on the CTTIC board. She has been the President of Traduction NB Translation since 2005. She is a certified translator and a member of the CTINB. On the national level, she sits on the Board of Directors of the Language Industry Association (AILIA).


Maryse Benhoff, Secretary

BG Communications International Inc.

Maryse BenhoffMaryse M. Benhoff is president and co-founder of BG Communications International Inc. With more than 19 years experience in the translation and wordsmithing industry, she is active in the international translation community.

Maryse has been involved with the development of standards and best practices for the industry of translation since 2003. From 2003 to 2006, she participated in the CEN committee (Comité Européen de Normalisation), creating the first standard in the world for the translation process. The EN15038 is now being used well outside the boundaries of the EU. From 2006 to 2008, she participated in the Canadian committee to develop a standard in Canada, now known as the CSGB 131.10. Maryse now sits on the ISO TC 37/ SC5 Translation committee to further the development of international standards in translation.

In 2003, she co-founded and remains the vice-president of ACCTI. The following year she was elected to the Board of Directors of AILIA and has been re-elected in 2012.

Sultan Ghaznawi

YYZ Translations

Maryse BenhoffSultan Ghaznawi is the president of YYZ Translations, a Toronto based full service language translation and localization company. Before joining YYZ Translations on a full time basis in 2009, Mr. Ghaznawi served as a mobile device architect for Canada’s second largest telecom company for 9 years and worked with manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, RIM, Samsung and ZTE  to deliver cutting edge mobile and wireless devices to Canadians. He is also credited for developing and contributing to several mobile device and operating system specifications and standards for global telecom technologies.

In his current role, Mr. Ghaznawi has transformed YYZ Translations from a small organization into a truly global operation with production and project management facilities around the world, acquired several large government and corporate clients under his supervision, and he continues to challenge the language industry in the areas of technology, development, process improvement and standardization which remain major issues for companies of all sizes in this industry.

He has been instrumental in forming strategic relationships with other language providers and has joined AILIA’s Translation Committee to improve the awareness about this important profession and establish areas of opportunity within the Canadian language translation industry. Mr. Ghaznawi was recently elected as a member of AILIA’S Board of Directors to join a group of elite players tasked to engage all the stakeholders in this industry, increase awareness about AILIA, improve membership acquisition, and supervise the strategic growth of Canada’s umbrella language and translation industry proponent.

Kélig Glorennec

Rogers Communication inc.

Kélig GlorennecKélig Anne Glorennec has been part of the Rogers team for over ten years, lending her talents to managing the company’s Language Services department. Her management skills are put to good use supervising an internal team of translators, revisers and project managers and overseeing supplier relations. In her role, she has spearheaded policy initiatives to establish language standards at Rogers and created processes that have had a significant impact on productivity. Clients appreciate her professionalism and resourcefulness, and colleagues respect her ability to bring the right language resources together to see projects through to their timely completion.

Before she joined Rogers, Ms. Glorennec held a variety of jobs in the translation industry, developing her versatility and subject matter expertise. She holds a Bachelor’s degree, Specialization in Translation from the Université de Montréal and has completed a translation certificate from McGill University.

Paul Penzo

All Languages Ltd.

Paul PenzoPaul Penzo is the Chief Operating Officer of All Languages Ltd where he began his career in 1992. Paul managed the interpreting department for 12 years before implementing computer-assisted translation tools in the translation department. In 2005, Paul was named Vice President and focused the company on quality, technology and industry leadership.

Paul was a driving force behind the development and implementation of industry standards, certifications and best practices. Paul’s vision helped Canada become the first country to use the AILIA-NCGCIS certification and he participated in the creation of the CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008 Canadian Quality Standard for Translation Services. Paul served as Chair to both the AILIA Translation and Interpreting Sub-Committees from 2010-2012. His contributions continue to give the industry a clear glimpse of the future and a path to turn ideas into reality.

From day-to-day Paul maintains his hands-on approach at All Languages; improving IT and operations, developing business, helping develop staff, and overseeing the financial health of the business.

Kim Pines

in FRENCH only Inc./in SPANISH too! Translations

Kim PinesA creative, strategic thinker & process and performance improvement leader, Kim Pines is a senior executive with progressive experience in the language service industry. Having studied business administration and marketing, she has a customer-focused background and in-depth knowledge of the consumer packaged goods and marketing/advertising industries in Canada.

As Founder and President of Translations.CA, Kim has created an agency specialized in corporate communications with best in class service.




Sharon Steinberg

CLS Lexi-tech

Sharon SteinbergSharon Steinberg has worked in the translation industry for more than 25 years. She was the Vice President Operations/Co-Owner of HSN Linguistic Services Ltd., a prominent Ottawa-based multilingual translation provider.

In 2001, HSN was acquired by Lexi-tech International Inc., Canada’s largest private service language provider. Sharon was appointed to the position of Director of Operations for Lexi-tech International Inc.’s Toronto office. In 2009 Lexi-tech was acquired by CLS Communication, combining to create one of the world’s largest LSP with 19 offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Under Sharon’s leadership, the CLS Lexi-tech Toronto office has grown from a sales office to become CLS Lexi-tech’s multilingual centre of excellence. Sharon holds a BA Arts (Political Science) from Carleton University. 


Wilson Teixeira

Able Translations Ltd.

Wilson TeixeiraWilson Teixeira is the president and founder of Able Translations, one of Canada’s leading providers of language services. Able Translations is ISO 9001:2008 registered and certified under CAN/CGSB-131.10-2008, EN15038 and NSGCIS, and has offices across Canada, in Europe and Asia.

His passion for languages and world affairs has led him to be heavily involved in the development of standards for the language industry in Canada and internationally. He is a graduate of the Queen’s School of Business Executive Program and a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Despite his busy schedule, Wilson is heavily involved in the community and committed to many worthy causes.


François Tessier

Logosoft Technologies Inc.

François Tessier

From music to technology

François Tessier is a self-made man who had an artistic career, specifically as an agent for bands and record producers, until a hearing injury forced him to choose a new direction. His favourite contacts at a translation company enabled him to take his first steps in administration and management.

In his role as the person responsible for the company’s occupational security, he had to master security procedures and apply them to the real world of a translation firm, taking into account client requirements as well as confidentiality constraints regarding the client base and competitors.

At a time when the Internet was still a futuristic dream, François was already managing an electronic bulletin board through which clients could send and receive their texts on line... and in complete security, a system that he did not hesitate to shut down when cyberspace came along.

Already, before the founding of Logosoft, he had introduced an on-line request system at his employer’s clients’ premises and took on responsibility for and management of the technological tools for enabling teleworking, being sure in all cases to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the content.

This intimate knowledge of technology applied to translation management led him to take the reins of Logosoft Technologies. In addition to being the company’s Chief Executive Officer, he is personally responsible for product image and marketing, which requires him to align sales targets with production capacity, and production capacity with sales targets.

Logosoft Technologies Inc. specializes in language technology solutions, such as a translation project management tool, a translation memory and a bilingual concordancer for self-employed translators, translation companies and services in both the private and public sectors.

Donald Barabé, Honorary Member

After specialized studies in translation, Donald Barabé became a Translator and then a Reviser at the Canadian Government Translation Bureau. He then gained a vast experience in management at the helm of various translation services, including the translation services of the Department of Justice and the Department of Foreign Affairs. For the last ten years or so of his career, as Vice-President, Professional Services, he was responsible for translation services provided to all departments and agencies of the Government of Canada.
Mr Barabé is a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) and has taught translation at Ottawa University School of Translation and Interpretation for about ten years. He has given numerous conferences on the translation profession. He also signed or co-signed a number of articles on the profession and its development. He was also a member of the committee that established the Canadian Standard for Translation Services.