Translation Committee

The translation committee meets on the second Thursday of each month from 3pm to 4pm. To learn more about the committee or to attend an upcoming meeting, contact Alaa Ghoneim at 819 595-3849 ext.4 or by email.


The mandate of AILIA’s Translation Committee is to promote and increase the competitiveness of the Canadian translation industry nationally and internationally through advocacy, TSP certification and information sharing.


The objectives of AILIA’s Translation Committee are as follows:

  • Promote the interests of the translation industry in Canada
  • Become a forum for translation industry members
  • Raise the visibility of the translation industry
  • Put together initiatives to face translation industry challenges
  • Facilitate networking between the translation industry and other public and private sector partners
  • Become the essential translation industry representative for the public sector


  • Promotion of the Translation Service Provider (TSP) Certification under the Canadian National Standard for Translation Services CGSB 131.10
  • Networking activities
  • Advocacy and public education

    • Advocate for best procurement practices by educating buyers about the quality services offered by Canadian translation companies.
    • Public education campaigns
  • Advice the AILIA Board about specific benefits for AILIA members such as the implementation of errors and omissions insurance for translation companies.

Committee Members

Lola Bendana, Chair Multi-Languages Corporation
François Beaudin Société Gamma
Donald Barabé AILIA Honorary member
Maryse Benhoff BG Communications International Inc.
Johanne Boucher Ordre des traducteurs, terminologies et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ)
Jocelyne Bourgault CSF Inc.
Sultan Ghaznawi YYZ Translations
Tim Koressis Global Translations
Andre Jenkins Canacom
Wilson Texeira Able Translations
Paul Penzo All Languages Ltd.
Kim Pines in FRENCH only Inc./in SPANISH too! Translations
Ann Rutledge Megalexis
Lisanne Lawton Tessier Translations
Sharon Steinberg CLS Lexi-tech Ltd.
Sandy Williams Technovate
Tanja Krzman Mosiac Translations & Interpretation Services
Peter Madahian Exacta Interpreting
Veronica Costea MCIS
Robert Houle Traductions Houle
Steve Beattie Language Marketplace Inc.