The Industry

The language industry is comprised of many different sectors that can be broken down into the following three main categories with numerous sub-categories:


  • Translation  
  • Localization/Globalization (software and Web)
  • Interpretation  
  • Terminology 
  • Dubbing/Subtitling

Language Technologies 

  • Machine translation and translation assistance tools
  • Digital Content management
  • Speech processing (voice recognition, speech biometrics, text-to-speech)
  • Language e-learning
  • Adaptive Technologies (Accessibility)

Language Training  

  • Language training
  • Language e-training
  • Language testing

Major challenges facing the industry

The Canadian language industry is facing many challenges if it wants to remain competitive and take advantage of the significant growth in the international market for language technologies and services. Moreover, it is this economic trend that justifies the need of the Canadian Language Industry Association (formerly AILIA), a structure for joint action that will enable us to succeed, together, in meeting four major challenges:

  1. Eliminate fragmentation
  2. Succession planning
  3. Increase our visibility (in Canada and abroad)
  4. Stimulate investments in R&D

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